Merchant banking, legal profession, information technologies seem so serious. It is clear that such domains deal with different archives. Nobody will argue that mainly, they are proprietary. It is a matter of course that ...

Any business dimensions with Virtual Repositories


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Guest article by Bob Gorman Image source: Jeremy Levine via Flickr With green building materials, you have many distinct advantages outside the obvious benefit that green materials have a better impact on the ...

green building materials for the sustainable houses of the future

Organic Materials

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Luisa Pereira and Manuela Donoso collaborated on this musical instrument made of elastics and light. On the first version they used regular elastics coated with conductive ink and on the final version opted for stretch ...

stretch sensor synthesizer

Circuits, Conductive Materials, Polymers, Textiles

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Playing With Food is fun video by Manuela Donoso, Yucef Merhi, and Michelle Boisson made for ITP's Tech Crafts class. The assignment was to test the capacitive properties of food by wiring edibles to an Arduino running ...

playing with food

Circuits, Conductive Materials, Organic Materials

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BeetBox from Scott Garner on Vimeo. Scott Garner, a student at NYU-ITP, created this wonderful musical instrument where the drums are actual beets. Here's Scott's description of the project: Concept The BeetBox is ...

beetbox :: organic musical instrument

Circuits, Organic Materials, Techniques

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This is a guest blog post by Laurence Humier and includes a recipe from her new book (written in collaboration with Audrey Tardieu) Cooking Material: Could molecular gastronomy help discover new matter? (also available on ...

molecular gastronomy :: boric acid caramel

Chemicals, Techniques

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In this video Becky Stern from Adafruit shows how to make a simple circuit on a transparent sheet of plastic coated with indium tin ...

transparent circuit boards

Circuits, Conductive Materials, Polymers, Techniques

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This is a guest post by Victor Babbitt - thank you Victor for sharing your work with us. Light is much harder to handle than electricity. How do we transfer large amounts of light over distances and around many corners? ...

liquid core light guides :: piping light around corners

Ceramics & Glass, Research, Techniques

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Heart On Your Sleeve from Scott Garner on Vimeo. Endlighten is an acrylic sheet infused with colorless light diffusing particles. While regular acrylic only diffuses light around the edges, ...

light diffusing acrylic

Materials 101, Polymers

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Another beautiful piece by Patrick Stevenson Keating via the Bare Conductive website: For the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair, Patrick Stevenson-Keating put together some incredible lamps using Bare Paint suspended in oil. ...

liquidity :: oil + condutive ink lamps

Circuits, Conductive Materials

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Patrick Stevenson Keating created a handcrafted glass particle accelerator for the Milan Design week: The piece consists of a series of organically-shaped hand-blown glass bulbs – each attached to a pump via a ...

a handcrafted particle accelerator


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I used to buy magnetic paint, but I wasn't very happy with its strength, consistency and color, so Nick Vermeer and I decided to make our own. More often than not, things turn out to be more complicated than they appear, ...

DIY magnetic ink

Materials 101, Metal, Techniques