a house made of 6 million empty bottles & other eco ideas

Tito Ingenieri, from Quilmes – Argentina, built his house out of six million empty bottles over a period of 19 years. His main motivation was the accessibility of scrap materials: “I didn’t have any other way to make my house and this was easy enough to do… Scrap iron and the remnants of other materials are no use for many people, but for me, they are very useful.” Quilmes inhabitants were happy to help out and Ingenieri points out: “Actually, this house doesn’t belong to me, but to many people in this town. It belongs to the people of Quilmes, who have thrown away their many bottles.” He will gladly teach anyone how to build this kind of ecological house that recycles materials and keeps the streets clean.

Notice how beautiful the walls look, with exterior light seeping into the house through the many colored bottles.

This video comes via the eco-ideas website, a portal supported by Japanese Panasonic with the goal of promoting greener lifestyles. Below is another great example, coming from Thailand, showing a DIY solar cooker made of 1000 mirrors that roasts a chicken in 14 minutes.

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