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I used to buy magnetic paint, but I wasn't very happy with its strength, consistency and color, so Nick Vermeer and I decided to make our own. More often than not, things turn out to be more complicated than they appear, ...

DIY magnetic ink

Materials 101, Metal, Techniques

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This is from quite some time ago, but a beautiful artwork from Philip Beesley called Hylozoic Soil which I saw at VIDA 11.0 last year. I just love the way he's used nitinol in the ...

hylozoic soil

Conductive Materials, Metal

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For the last couple of years a colleague of mine Ken Gregory has been researching kites as sound instruments. What he has produced is an Aeolian Kite, the kite functions similarly to an Aeolian Harp or wind harp. Rather ...

Aeolian Kite

Metal, Paper

Created by Northeastern University researchers Justin Schunick, Mark Hollenbeck, Luke Shaheen, Scott Gillette and Glenn Black, the 3D Computer Interface is able to detect the x, y and z coordinates of a hand moving above ...

electric field sensing device