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Inspired by the paperduino, the cardboarduino is a physically larger version (with space for a 9V battery), designed by Allegheny College's faculty member Matt Jadud, as way to introduce students to the fundamentals of ...

the cardboarduino

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foldschool is website with free templates for making cardboard furniture for kids. The template patterns can be printed out with any printer. The designs are not only stable and extremely useful, but pretty cool looking ...


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There's been a lot of buzz lately about homemade biodegradable plastic. I haven't tried it myself, but thought it would be useful to gather here some resources relating to these experiments: :: Above is a video by ...

resources for homemade bioplastic

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I just found an interesting 'Technical Note' authored by Western Research Laboratory (WRL), a research group that was founded by Digital Equipment Corporation in 1982. 'Characterization of Organic Illumination ...

electroluminescence in pickles

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I just had a delivery of some Electroactive Polymer (EAP) to experiment with. EAP changes shape when voltage is applied, making it a great material for actuators or sensors. I found a great reference which lists ...

diy eap

Polymers, Techniques