The openMaterials project was started by Catarina Mota and Kirsty Boyle in 2009

Kirsty Boyle :: karakuri obsessed robot artist and co-founder of openMaterials
kirsty (at) openmaterials (dot) org

Catarina Mota :: phd fellow, co-founder of openMaterials and altLab, member of NYCResistor, co-chair of the Open Hardware Summit 2012
catarina (at) openmaterials (dot) org

Nicholas Vermeer :: electronics and science enthusiast at NYCResistor

Erika Lincoln :: artist working in electronics and all things palpable
erika (at) openmaterials (dot) org

Alejandro Tamayo :: open system intrigued by nature and other machines
laimagendelmundo (at) yahoo (dot) ca

Marc Dusseiller :: Mikro hackteria Nanotech-Labor Hacker-Sound-Künstler und Ingenieur-Werkstoffe
marc (at) dusseiller (dot) ch

Niki Passath :: robotics and digital media manipulation
niki.passath (at) gmail (dot) com

Varvara Guljajeva – media artists who is often working with toys and existing objects
varvarag (at) gmail (dot) com