“embalming” data


I came to experiment with the construction of an arduino-on-wood just recently because I began to be interested in the idea of “embalming” data.  Since some years ago I’ve been exploring ways to make visible and audible the human rhythms of birth and death, and at this time I wanted to get hold of these rhythms and preserve them as “arqueological references” for the future.

I used statistical data coming from the World Census Bureau and transferred it into two microncontrollers. The first one makes an LED turn on and off at the speed of the human birth rate (4.3 per second, according to the site) while the second one turns on and off a little fan at the speed of the human death rate (1.8 deaths per second). I carved two pieces of wood and embedded the electronics in them including the already programed chips.

These two objects will remain as ‘frozen” evidences about our current expansion speed in the planet.

Some more images will be appearing in this Flickr set.

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