growth modeling device

growth modeling device is an artwork by David Bowen which involves a system using lasers to scan an onion plant from one of three angles, which then creates a plastic model based on the information collected.


The device builds a series of simulations of a growing onion plant by means of three-D scanning and printing, outputting one image every twenty-four hours from one of three angles. A fused deposition modeler that uses ABS plastic as its material is running simultaneously with a laser scanner that scans the onion. The output of this process appears rather mechanical and barren, displayed as it is at regular intervals on a conveyor belt that loops away from the scanning/printing mechanism, around a roller and back.


It was recently awarded 3rd prize at VIDA 12.0, and has now just won the grand prize in the art division at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival.

David’s website has a great video and also time lapse sequence of the work.

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