materials 101


Some things are so simple we don’t even think about writing them down. We assume everyone knows them. Well, that may often be true, but not always.

The materials 101 series is our attempt at systematizing, through a series of thematic blog posts, some basic materials-related knowledge that is ‘out there.’ The series will thus provide brief intros to the usage of several interesting, fun and useful materials, and will include descriptions, applications, links, and tips & tricks from the DIY community. Our selection criteria will not be based on the simplicity of the materials themselves (in fact, some will be very complex) but on the simplicity of their usage.

The idea behind this series is twofold. First, we seek to encourage those who are curious about materials and DIY techniques, but are still afraid to go hands-on, to actually start experimenting. Secondly, we’d like to contribute to a written repository of these wonderful, albeit simple, techniques the DIY community has been using and sharing for a long time.

Let’s start with the staple on every maker’s workbench: hot glue.

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