open source embroidery

open source embroidery hat
Open Source Embroidery is a socially engaged art project initiated by Ele Carpenter in 2005, investigating the relationship between programming for embroidery and computing. It’s based on the common characteristics of needlework crafts and open source computer programming: gendered obsessive attention to detail; shared social process of development; and a transparency of process and product.

The website has information about exhibitions, workshops and an email list

The project pays homage to Ada Lovelace (1816-52) who helped to develop the Analytical Engine, the precursor to the modern computer, with Charles Babbage.
Lovelace wrote:

“The distinctive characteristic of the Analytical Engine, and that which has rendered it possible to endow mechanism with such extensive faculties as bid fair to make this engine the executive right-hand of abstract algebra, is the introduction into it of the principle which Jacquard devised for regulating, by means of punched cards, the most complicated patterns in the fabrication of brocaded stuffs. It is in this that the distinction between the two engines lies. Nothing of the sort exists in the Difference Engine. We may say most aptly that the Analytical Engine weaves algebraical patterns just as the Jacquard loom weaves flowers and leaves.”

P Morrison and E Morrison (eds.), Charles Babbage and his calculating engines (New York, 1961).

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