pretty paper rolls

Peter Blasser has an inspiring website detailing his experiments with paper circuits. There are a whole range of circuits he has designed that you can print out and assemble yourself.

One interesting project is a series of interconnected modules called “Rollz-5”, a type of drum machine which creates organic rhythms out of geometrical forms.

From his paper “Pretty Paper Rolls: Experiments in Woven Circuits” (also published in the Leonardo Music Journal – Volume 17, 2007, pp. 25-27):

The transcription of electronic ideas onto paper stimulates a free and open distribution of craft, where the final pieces vary based on the skills of the maker. This appeals to an ideal of medieval individuality, where information is distributed personally through guilds as well as mnemonically in spellbooks and mandalas. The paper circuit projects attempt to bring the art of electronics from an impersonal, industrial approach to one which is individual and magical. This crafty use of electronics encourages everyone who pursues it to personally reduce waste; creativity leads to resourcefulness and vice versa.

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