rescued circuits & society of molecules

society of molecules & rescued circuits

Medialab Prado initiatives are always great and we highly recommend that you attend as many as you can. This weekend they’ve started two very interesting materials/bio-related workshops:

Rescued Circuits is a set of 3 mini-workshops dedicated to exploring new ways of reusing electronic materials. The series is organized by the Obsoletos project:

Obsoletos is a project by the Basurama collective for the research, creation and promotion of creative systems of transforming technological waste, such as electronic and storage devices or hardware that has fallen into disuse: computers, peripherals, magnetic tapes, motherboards, etc.

Society of Molecules is the first workshop by the Common Body workgroup. It deals with modes of production of amorphous relational bodies-architectures-sexes through the subversion and transposition of technologies of control:

Surveillance cameras are placed on the skin, pointing to the skin, in different places anywhere on the body, becoming an interface (or intrabody) in an interactive system (or intra-active body) for the performance/metaformance of Microdances. The nearly legible abstract moving fragments of the body are projected like an architecture, onto buildings as an urban intervention, or indoors, producing an immersive space. Always look at the projection as you move, let the projection move you. Proprioceptive feedback is transposed to the microdances, the amorphous movements of the images, while the voice is processed life through a software becoming a chorus of dissolving voices. First one body only, then more together, constituting a metabody.

Looking forward to seeing the work coming out of both of these workshops.

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