resources for homemade bioplastic

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about homemade biodegradable plastic. I haven’t tried it myself, but thought it would be useful to gather here some resources relating to these experiments:

:: Above is a video by Green Plastics, showing how to make your own bioplastic.

:: Shapeways How-to :: Cooking & molding bioplastics at home: recipes, results & tips

:: Bausteln’s video from the Open Design Workshop, Social Media Wiki Berlin, in which Jay Cousins laser cuts bioplastic.

:: Bioplastic Ning Network

:: A “Making Bioplastics” Instructable, by member nrepak

:: Makezine’s blog post by John Baichtal :: Is homemade bioplastic viable fodder for 3D printers?

Yay internets!

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