sewing rebellion


Sewing Rebellion was started by textile worker and activist Frau Fiber, under the gospel “stop shopping, start sewing,” with the purpose of encouraging others to learn how to sew and thus be able to create unique and personal clothing. Working with accessible materials, sewing rebellion members are also known for the creativity with which they redesign and repurpose old clothes, fabrics and such. One of my favorite creations is Maya’s umbrella tote bag: unique bags made with the fabric of broken umbrellas – not just pretty but also quite sturdy.

I also had the opportunity to participate in a session that NYC’s Sewing Rebellion chapter held last summer at NYC Resistor and, even though I’m a terrible seamstress and do enjoy my share of shopping, I truly appreciated the communal spirit that arises from sitting around a long table sewing, sharing techniques, and chatting about this and that.

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